We made it to October already! We had a good first week and started the month off with letter Rr. The shape for the month is a square and we will be working with numbers 4,5,6,7.

Monday: Rad Rainbows – Students came into class and read/looked to books to start. The books read today were How the Crayons Saved the Rainbow and Peppa’s Rainbow. Our centers today were practicing writing our Rr in QKs, coloring the rainbow by using my sample on the board, coloring all the Rr’s in the scramble, and rolling a dice and placing a pom-pom on that number located on the rainbow.

Tuesday: Radiant Rectangle – Start up for today included the R is for Rabbit page, which went along with us making our Robby the Rabbit zoophonics animal. (The zoophonics animals are kept until the end of the year.) After we completed our Rabbits, we finished a number 4 activitiy page.  Books today were I Know a Rhino and Clifford’s Riddles.

Wednesday: Rainbow Fish Fun – We started the day with the kids practicing their names in their QKs. The books we read went along with two of our activities today, those were Rainbow Fish to the Rescue, Good Night Rainbow Fish and Rainbow Fish and the Big Blue Whale. We created our own rainbow fish by using celery as our paintbrush and the shape of the cut celery as the fish scales. These turned out nice and the kids enjoyed it! Some asked why we are using salad to paint with, LOL! While students were waiting for their turn to paint, they were creating their sharing with Rainbow Fish page.

Thursday: Relay Races in Big Room – The kids came in to find their pouch with a letter Rr item color page. I explain that all the items on the page begin with the letter Rr, and we go over the sound the letter Rr makes also while mentioning all the pictures. The centers we completed today were square tracing, Rr letter sounds and writing, #4 activity page and finished the patterns that were given on the Rainbow pattern page. The books today were Ribbit and Big Red Barn.

Things to review at home:

  • Letter Recognition (flashcards are great!!!)
  • Number Recognition (flashcards are great!!!)
  • Writing their name
  • 3 finger grip
  • Cutting

Next week we have the Fire Department coming in to talk about fire safety and picture day! Our pumpkins (cardstock paper ones) were sent home at the beginning of the week are due on Thursday so the kids can share them with their classmates!

Let me know if you have any questions. You can privately message in GroupMe. Have a nice weekend! See everyone back on Monday!