Hello! We made it through Halloween week! I hope everyone was safe and had lots of fun!

We started the week with #2 and Noah’s Ark. we read All Aboard the Ark and put stickers on a #2 worksheet.

In our centers we played a matching animal game, used writing boards, math peg boards, ABC matching, and Noah’s ark felt board story.

On Wed/Thur we worked on the rectangle shape. Rectangle is one of the hardest shapes for kids to learn so we put a big focus here! We read Poohs Shape Sail and we pulled out scissors to practice cutting!

In our centers we colored our monthly nursery rhyme, used play doh with a rectangle cookie cutter, rectangles on a rubber band board, traced rectangles, played with rectangular jenga blocks.

This week we starting sending home a name practice sheet in a sleeve to use with a dry erase marker This is perfect to use while waiting at restaurants, Dr visits, or even in the car. Have your child practice, they get a lot of joy from mastering their name!!

Next week we pack our Shoeboxes! Thank you for all your donations!!!

Have a great weekend!

Mrs. Kristina