This week we had fun with the letter Rr and all the daily themes!

Monday – We made our plate rainbows and had fun learning the colors of the rainbow and order, while also working on the letter Rr and its sound. The kids also colored rectangles and cut 4 different sizes out which I keep as a cutting sample for the kids. We started a page that we finished on Tuesday dealing with Rainbow Fish and feelings. The book read today was Rainbow Fish and the big blue whale.

Tuesday – We reinforced the Rr sound by creating our own Robby the Rabbit. I think the kids enjoy making each letter and hopefully it will help retain the sound each letter makes. We also had an Rr is for Rabbit letter find page at start up and read the book I Know a Rhino. The class also finished our Rainbow Fish writing activity that we started on Monday.

Wednesday – Our art time today took up a big chunk of class, but the result was great. The kids used celery as a stamp and created their own rainbow fish. The celery gave the look of scales. We also rainbow wrote our names when we finished our craft.

Thursday – The centers we completed today were making rectangles on geoboards with rubber bands, practiced our Rr writing in QKs, had an Rr review page and lastly completed the rainbow patterns that were already given. We were so busy today, we didn’t have time for a book.


Monday is picture day! We will not be doing any painting or crafts for the chance of the kids getting their nice picture clothes messy.

Harvest party information has gone out and I have been in contact with those who volunteered to help out at the party or willing to donate item(s). We thank you for your help as you make the parties happen with your help and generosity.

If you have any questions, please email me or message me in Group Me.