This week we covered the letter Ff and had lots of fun things happen throughout the week! We always review our previous letters each day to keep reinforcing them and their letter sound.

Monday: Farm Fun & Fire Dept. – The kids came into class to find their pouches with a Ff is for firefighter page so trace the Ff’s and color the firefighter. We also got our cow heads colored and then our handprint for the body of the cow. These are put in the big room on display for the ABC farm animals. Each class makes a hand or footprint of an animal, and we hang them in the big room. The Lake Hills Fire Department came by and did a presentation inside and then we were able to go outside for a bit to check out the ambulance and fire truck. The book read today was Fall Mixed Up.

Tuesday: Farm Fun – Students came in to find their name QKs to practice. We are getting better at our names but could also use extra practice at home! We completed a farm following directions coloring activity that is done at the beginning of the year and we do it at the end to see improvements in coloring and listening. The centers we completed were pig number tracing, A-Z upper and lowercase harvest letter tracing, and a #5 activity page. The books today were Cock-a-Doodle-Doo Barnyard Hullabaloo and three books with repeat characters: Dooby Dooby Moo, Thump Quack Moo, and Click Clack Peep.

Wednesday: Friends with Froggy – Today we started the day off with a letter Ff find and coloring the frog. Between getting our pictures taken and being in class we completed two activities. The students cut and pasted their Francy the Fish zoophonics animal and drew their own frogs by making circles and ovals. We drew our frogs’ step by step following my directions. I plan to put these onto lily pads and add some pink flowers on them. The books today were Froggy Learns to Swim and Froggy Gets Dressed.

Thursday: Fantastic First Names – Students found their pouches with a name card to decorate. The activities we completed in centers were cutting and pasting to build our names, created our names with Play-Doh on our name mats, and created our names using letter tiles that the students had to rummage through to find their letters. Books today were Frog on a Log? and I Don’t Want to be a Frog. We had a small amount of time to have a little extra big room fun at the end of the day.


Next week we have the Pumpkin Patch on Wednesday and some other fun activities planned!

If you have any questions, you can message me on GroupMe privately or email me. Have a nice weekend! ????