We made it through our first normal week! There were lots of good things that happened this week, we got into our daily routine, navigated through our centers well, ate a little snack and got a little bit more comfortable being in school and getting to know each other.

Monday: A is for Alligator – Students came into class and found their pouches with an Alligator color page to complete. Our centers included coloring the numbers, practicing our letter Aa writing in QKs, traced circles in QKs, and tried matching letters using our alligator body connectors. We also started our first letter and animal for our zoophonics books, Ally the Alligator. The book read today was Gator Dad.

Tuesday: Amazing Animals – The students came in and cut out their teeth for their Ally the Alligator. We completed our Ally the Alligator once we all were finished with our teeth, they turned out great and I keep these until the end of the year and then give them back a zoophonics book with all their letters they complete in them. Our centers were decorating/making our caramel apples (paper craft), traced numbers in QKs, traced Aa’s and colored our letter Aa sound pictures, and lastly the letter Aa item page. The books read were What If I had Animal Teeth and What If I had Animal Hair. The kids enjoyed these books!

Wednesday: Apple Taste Testing – Students started the day by finding their pouches with their name writing practice in QKs. We finished our centers first and then did our apple tasting. Centers were apple sequencing (4 pictures), using our letter connectors to create Aa, coloring the letters in my name on apples, and apple dabbing using bingo dabbers. The books read were Let’s Go Apple Picking and The Apple Pie Tree. The kids’ favorite part of today was taste testing the apples. We sampled a red, green, and yellow apple. Students then told me which was their favorite and we graphed our results.

Thursday: Awesome A’s – The classes started the day by coloring all the Aa’s in the page and the apple. Our activities today were coloring and cutting out various sized circles and coloring and cutting out an airplane. The books today were A Pack of Alpacas and There Was An Old Astronaut Who Swallowed the Moon. We were able to get outside today for a little extra big room time. The kids enjoyed going into the playground area for a short bit!


A few extra things that can be worked on at home!

  • Cutting!!! Let your child practice cutting by using junk mail or any other scrap paper at your house. Draw a line or shape and ask them to cut it out! We cut A LOT in class and any extra practice will help greatly!
  • Writing their names! ENFORCE the 3-finger grip! If you want a practice page sent home for this, please ASK!
  • Fine motor! There are lots of easy fine motor activities that can be done at home to help the 3 finger grasp for writing/coloring!

If you have any questions, you can email me or private message me on GroupMe.

See everyone back on Monday to start our letter M activities! Have a great weekend!