This week we covered the letter Mm and did some fun activities and the students’ favorite, another snack this week!

Monday: Monster Monday – Students found their seat by their names in their practice writing QKs. The books we read today were How I Met My Monster and I Need My Monster. Students made their own shape monsters. We used our September shapes of circle and oval along with some others. Pictures were sent via GroupMe if you haven’t checked them out yet. They also came home on Tuesday after a day of drying.

Tuesday: Muffin Day – The classes started their day with the September name writing and coloring sample. Each month we will be doing one of these sheets to see the child’s progress throughout the school year. These will be returned at the end of the year. Centers included practice writing our Mm’s in QKs, putting the correct number of pom poms into the muffin tins, colored our own muffin we would like to eat and lastly completed the prompt- I would give a moose a…- students drew the moose eating their food they would like to feed him. We ended the day having our own mini-muffins and each kid enjoyed the treat!

Wednesday: Marvelous Manners – I encouraged the classes to use manners as much as they could today! We read two books, Clark the Shark Dares to Share and Llama llama Time to Share. Students got their zoophonics Missy the Mouse almost complete, just have one step left to glue down. We also completed step one of our original works art projects. We continued the rest on Thursday and will finish up on Monday with the final touches! We also had our first chapel class, which is when we go to the church for a short lesson once a month. Ask your child what this one was about! (Creation and what God created on the 7 days!)

Thursday: Mini-marshmallows – The students started their day by coloring ONLY the Mm’s in the maze. Once they finished the maze, they should be able to see a hidden picture. We glued our mini-marshmallows on our m (those will go home Monday-glue had to set!), wrote Mm’s and colored the pictures for each Mm letter sound, and we finished our Missy the Mouse. We completed the next step of our original works and read for finishing on Monday.

Few things to work on at home:

  • 3 finger grip!!!!!!!! (writing with pencil and crayons)
  • Writing first name (if you want a sample page sent home, please message me and I’ll get it!)
  • Cutting (let them use scissors! Allow them to cut up your junk mail)
  • Letter and number recognition (flashcards are great for this-Dollar Tree has them or you can make some!) Not just singing their ABCs or rote counting but recognition!

If you have any questions, please reach out and let me know either email or on GroupMe!

Have a great weekend and see everyone on Monday for our Pete the Cat week and our first Field Trip on Thursday to Fair Oaks!