Hello! It’s been a great week! We had fun learning about our classmates and working on numbers 0 and 1!

M/T we learned about our friends and shared the All About Me papers we made at home. We also made a shape version of ourself.

In our centers we put playdoh on the letter M, watched our face in the mirror as we colored a facial picture, painted with green paint, made patterns with unifix cubes, and using clothespins matched shapes.

On W/Th we worked on the numbers 0 and 1. Zero is a number many kids overlook or is described as “none” so I tried really hard to use zero a lot! We read a book called Just One More. On Wed the kids went out and played with chalk but Thursday the weather was a little colder so we practiced our sharing skills with toys inside.

For our centers we did a #1 apple tree worksheet, transferred Pom poms using tweezers, letter color match alligators, matched number magnets, and sorted colored bears.
We ended our week on a high note by getting treasure box! Everyone’s favorite thing!
I hope everyone has a great weekend!

Mrs. Kristina