All week we had different centers and activities that were based on Pete the Cat. We had lots of Pete stories also! This was a short week with our first field trip on Thursday to Fair Oaks!

Monday: Students started their day finding their pouches with a Pete coloring page. We worked on finishing up their Original Works artwork and completed our centers as well. Centers included finishing the pattern with Pete the Cat shoes, tracing/writing review of our month’s letters Aa and Mm, traced and colored our letter Mm sound page and lastly created A and M on pop-its! The books read were Pete the Cat and the Bad Banana, Pete at the Beach, and Pete’s Big Lunch.

Tuesday: Names in their QKs were out for them to find when they arrived in class. We made our Pete the Cat headbands today which the kids enjoyed.  The other two activities we completed were coloring, cutting, and gluing 3 buttons out for Pete and coloring our own school shoes. Our Pete the Cat books today were: Rocking My New School Shoes, Robo-Pete, and Train Trip.

Wednesday: The kids came in to find their pouch and a cow coloring page for start-up. I chose a cow in preview for Thursdays field trip to Fair Oaks! Our activities today included using my color code to color our Pete buttons the right color name on each, helping Pete find the buttons in a line tracing QK, coloring a Rock On Pete page and lastly puzzles, connectors and doodle boards in our last stop. The books today were Sir Pete the Brave and Rock On Mom and Dad.

Thursday: Fair Oaks Field Trip!!! Mooooooooooo!


Things to work on at home:

  • 3 FINGER GRIP!!!
  • Writing name (only first now)
  • Cutting
  • Fine Motor – pinscher grasp will help enforce the 3-finger grip!

If you have questions, please message me on GroupMe (you can direct message me) or email me and I will get back to you as soon as I can! Have a great weekend! See everyone in October! ????