WeLcOmE to Half Day Pre-K at ABC Christian! I hope your child enjoyed their first week with us and we are looking forward to having a great and successful rest of the school year!

Each week I will give a brief run down of what we did in class each day and give suggestions of things to work on at home!

Tuesday- Everyone came in to class and found their pencil pouch with supplies in it and colored their first day of school picture. We also took our handprints, tried writing our name on a frame for our first day of school picture, which we took in class with a sign I have, and lastly we completed a page that went along with a book we read titled The Kissing Hand. We also read Llama llama misses momma. After all the kids got settled we went over a few of the routines and rules we have and everyone survived day 1!

Wednesday- We introduced more routines today and started our centers. We normally have 4 centers each day depending on daily themes and also if we are completing an art project. The centers we tried today were completing a What I want to be when I grow up page where they drew what they said, we colored Cat in the Hat hats to decorate the class door, looked through some books, and completed tangram animals. The two books I read today were Clark the Shark and We Don’t Eat Our Classmates. 

Thursday- The kids started the day practicing their name on a sheet that came home. We also completed our September name and coloring sample. Each month the kids will practice writing their names and then either coloring or drawing a picture for the month. This is to show their progress and growth at the end of the year. Thursdays are when we get a little extra fun time and since the weather is still nice we went outside and the kids enjoyed the playground for a bit. We also took a class picture by the ABC sign that you saw when you pulled in for drop off/pick up. I do plan on posting the picture to Group Me once that is up for everyone to see! I read two books today Chicken in School and Clifford and the Big Red School.

Friday- Students came in today and had a quick kit (QK) waiting for them which has their name to practice with their dry erase marker. We were excited to share and hear all the students come up and show off their All About Me pages. Mrs. Jenn and myself also shared ours with the classes. It was interesting to hear all their favorites and see all the drawings and pictures! The books today were Wemberly Worried and There was an Old Lady who swallowed some books.

*Some things you can work on at home with your child: proper 3 finger grip when writing and coloring, coloring, writing their name (capital ONLY at the beginning), and cutting. Scissors could be scary at first, but the more practice the easier and better they will be! They can cut up junk mail or newspapers just as practice instead of wasting computer paper. There are lots of ways to strengthen their hands to get the proper 3 finger grip also. If you need suggestions, please reach out and I will be happy to give ideas! 

*Group Me! Once I have all the papers turned in, I will get that up and running. That will be the main method of communication, emails are also fine but I will send out little reminders and any fun pictures we get for you all to see! 

We will also start this coming week with Mrs. Jenn and myself rotating classes. Two days in each room so we get to know all the students and they get to have both of us. We will be doing the SAME centers, but just having a different teacher lead every other day. Some days papers/crafts/activities will come home and other days there won’t be papers. This doesn’t mean we aren’t working hard, just some days we use quick kits or manipulatives in class and therefore nothing is going home. 

If you have any questions, please feel free to send me an email until I get Group Me up and running. Looking forward to this coming week and starting off with the letter Aa! We have some fun things planned!