The class is off to a wonderful start.

Our focus this week was the letter “Aa” and the number 1.  We also reviewed colors and shapes as well as practiced counting from 1 to 10 and backward form 10 to 1.

Highlights of the week:

Apple tasting – red won then yellow with green apples not even getting a vote.  We graphed and counted the votes.

The children practiced cutting circles and created a red apple.  In circle we had two touch and guess activities .  They all guessed the apples but I stumped them with acorns!

Favorite stories this week:  Mouse Count and Mouse Paint.

Favorite activities:  Painting and the playground! (as well as apple tasting)

By now everyone has been added to both the class and the school Group Me App.  The class group me is the best way to get in contact with me directly.  I will alos try to send home a short note or a few pictures each class.


Looking Ahead:

Next week is all about the letter M and number 2.  Monday we will be reading my favorite book  – Go Away Big Green Monster.  Muffin tasting will be on Tuesday.

Have a nice Weekend.

Mrs. Elaine