Week 2 is in the books! Most kids are starting to grasp the routines and classroom rules we have covered so far and hope as we add more they will continue to grow and succeed!

Monday 12th – The students started with an A is for Alligator coloring page. Each week we cover a new letter of the alphabet and this week was Aa. (We don’t go in alphabetical order FYI!) Our weekly letter then helps guide each day and the theme. Today was the first day we read through our AlphaTales book, letter Aa, and also created our Zoophonics A-alligator named Ally. The kids cut out, glued, and did their best following directions as we completed our own Ally the Alligator craft. We will make an animal each week we have a new letter. These crafts will be kept until the end of the school year. If you child is present each day we make the zoophonics animal then they will have a book of all 26 animal letters! The books I read today were Gator Dad and Winston and George.

Tuesday 13th – We started the day by practicing writing our names in our quick kits (QKs). The centers we completed today were tracing airplane trails, airplane and cloud upper/lowercase letter match, colored and cut out our own airplanes, and practiced cutting some zigzag lines helping ants find their ant hill. Books today included The Lady with the Alligator Purse and There Was An Old Astronaut Who Swallowed The Moon.

Wednesday 14th – Students started the day by completing an A is for Apple page and locating and coloring all the Aa’s. It was probably the kids favorite day this week since we got to sample 3 different kinds of apples. We completed an apple sequencing page, by picking which of 4 pictures of apples would come first to last. We will have many of these activities throughout the year. The kids sampled red delicious, granny smith and golden delicious apples. After the sampling, each child told me which color was their favorite apple and we graphed our results. Red was the most popular in all three classes. The books today were Bad Apple and Apple Trouble.

Thursday 15th – After students found their name and checked in they had a color the number page at their seat. Students were eager to share what animal they brought in as their favorite today also! Each student got the spotlight for a few to show and share their favorite stuffed animal and say what its name was if it had one. The centers we had today were practicing writing Aa’s in a QK, starting step 1 of a family picture activity we are creating, coloring the apples from the letters in their name, and lastly matching 0-5 with items they cut and pasted. The book today was What If I Had Animal Hair? The kids enjoyed hearing about the different features of some animals hair from the book.


* 3 FINGER GRIP when coloring or writing!

* practice writing their names (first is good for now with ONLY capital at the beginning)

* cutting -scrap paper/junk mail. You can draw a shape and as them to cut it out on the lines.

* coloring – work on staying in the lines

We have had some frequent flyers asking for potty breaks. We WILL take them if they need to go, but just ask that they go before they come to school. Our 2.5 hours with them goes extremely fast and to get in what we want to we really use up all our time in the class!

I plan on getting you all (those that turned the form in) added in this weekend in the Group Me app. I will be able to send out reminders and  send any pictures of the class through this app as well. If you didn’t turn in the form, you can do so next week and I can get you added in. This will be our main communication source, along with email for longer individual concerns or comments.

Treasure box is something that happens on Thursday and in order to get called for a treat, the student must remain on green (behavior system) all week long. If they are on yellow or red they do not get a treat. If you have questions regarding why your child didn’t receive something and they will not express the reason, please let me know and I can explain what the reason would be.

I hope everyone enjoyed week 2 and look forward to seeing everyone back on Monday and starting our next letter Mm! Quiz your child and ask them what Ally the Alligator says! (they should make an alligator mouth with their arms and say the a sound-like alligator or apple)

MrsAimeeABC@gmail.com if you have any questions or concerns!