We had a fun week covering the letter Mm and incorporating our centers into our daily themes! We can see the students are starting to grasp our routines and daily schedule, which makes the day flow by quickly and smoothly.

Monday – Students started the day by finding their pencil pouch, which they do each day, and completed the monster coloring page. Some of our centers were also monster themed. We rolled dice and put the correct number of cubes onto our monster mats, created and colored our own monsters/shared with our classmates/named our monsters, practiced writing our Mm’s in QKs, and lastly got the students fingerprint families. The fingerprint family page is one we keep and you will receive at graduation in their binder of work. The books we had today were How to Catch a Monster and Monster Appetite.

Tuesday – We started our day practicing our names in our QKs. Our daily theme for today went along with two of our centers and one book we read. If you Give a Moose a Muffin was the book we started with that went along with two centers: filling in the blank for I would like to eat a ______ muffin. and also I would give a moose a _______. I had the students think of something else to feed the moose instead of a muffin and illustrate their thought. We had a variety of items they wanted to feed their moose. We also colored all the Mm’s in the letter search, and if they colored them all in class then there was a mystery picture (the letter M). The other book read was Me and My Mammoth. We ended the day enjoying a pack of mini muffins just like the moose!

Wednesday – We were busy today! Students came in and completed an M letter search and find. After big room we completed our M marshmallow painting (these will come home Monday). Students used a large marshmallow to paint a large M. We practiced the strokes of making an M before we started painting. Once we finished back in the class we were working different centers that were covering different evaluation items. Some items were: tangrams. stringing beads, lacing boards, matching numbers with the number of dots, and completing a large floor puzzle. Students were also pulled to answer a few questions one on one. The book read today was How I Met My Monster.

Thursday – Manners were our theme today. We had some books today that covered manners and one is huge with me saying it a LOT in class. The books were Terrible, Awful, Horrible Manners and You Get What You Get. The second book is what I say to the class and will continue to say when we are handing different items out so no one gets to pick…You Get What You Get and Don’t Throw A Fit! We also created our Missy the Mouse which goes along with our Zoophonics. Each letter gets a name and we have a motion that goes with to practice the sound the letter makes. The kids have done well with our first two letters. REVIEW with you child letters A and M and see if they can tell you Ally the Alligator and her sound and also Missy the Mouse and her sound as well.

Next week we are doing some Pete the Cat activities and making a little Pete head.

Please be sure to send in any outstanding forms (registration form, allergy alerts, parent donate/volunteer, Group Me).

Few things your child can be doing at home: practice writing their name, coloring and staying in the lines, cutting, any fine motor activity to help build hand/finger strength is beneficial when they are learning to hold the pencil using the three finger grasp.

Let me know if you have any questions, and we’ll see everyone back on Monday! Have a good weekend!