May 17- May 19


What a year !! I am so proud of all of the kids. They have grown and come so far . We tried to end this school year as fun as possible with celebrating our

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Week of May 17-19


This week was our last week of school! Tuesday was the 100th day of school and we reviewed the letters G, E, and U. For morning centers, we made 100th day necklaces, 100th day glasses,

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May 16-19


Here we are at the end of the year, and I can’t believe it’s over!! It has been a privilege to be in the classroom with these kids this year!! I love summer break to

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Week of May 16th – 19th


WOOOOHOOOOOO!!!! We survived and our year is over! We tried to make this last week a little more relaxed and had some fun these last few day! We had our last few graduation practices and

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Week of May 17th-May 19th


I cannot believe that this will be my last post for this school year!!! I have enjoyed teaching each and every one of your children. They, now, will always have a place in my heart!!!

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Week of May 17-19


Hi Parents, We had such a great last week of school! Here's a final snapshot of our week... Tuesday was our 100th day. Every student either wore 100 of something or brought 100 of something.

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Week of May 16th-19th


Mrs. Nichole's half day pre-k class! Dear Parents, The last week of school… the closing of one door and the opening of another. I want to thank each child for all the warmth, the memories,

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Week of May 16th


Welcome to Mrs. Kelli's Preschool Classroom!   This week, we focused on practicing for graduation & just having fun!   This was a really fun week!  When we weren't busy practicing for graduation, we tried

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Week of May 9th – 12th


We OnLy HaVe OnE wEeK lEfT! AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH! We had a fun week reviewing our last four months of material and even got to go outside, since we have nice weather FINALLY!!! This week each day

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Week of May 10-May 12


The month of May we are working on things that we learned through the year. This week we reviewed some of the letters we worked on throughout the year.  On Tuesday, we focused on the

Week of May 10-May 122022-05-15T21:44:47-05:00
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