Sept 19- Sept 21


A is for … Astronauts! Tuesday the kids became ABC astronauts. They used moon rocks to show numbers in tens frames, wrote rocket letters and created an art project with them as astronauts. We used

Sept 19- Sept 212023-09-22T08:36:35-05:00

Week of September 11th


Welcome to Mrs. Kelli's Preschool Classroom!   This week, we focused on the theme, "All About Me' & apples!   On Monday & Tuesday, centers were name tracing,  & arranging & identifying body part cards

Week of September 11th2023-09-15T11:43:07-05:00

Sept 12- Sept 14


It’s Apple week ! Apple week is one of my favorites all year. We have so many fun activities using apples.   Tuesday we started off with some apple name trees. The class got to

Sept 12- Sept 142023-09-14T19:28:08-05:00

Sept 5- Sept 7


What a wonderful first week we had! This week was all about the students. Not only learning about them, and their families but also them learning about me. It’s also important for them to know

Sept 5- Sept 72023-09-10T14:40:34-05:00

Pete the Cat and The First Day of School


Hopefully your children have filled you in on the first two days of school but here is a quick recap.  All the children had a great first two days!  Our class theme is Pete the

Pete the Cat and The First Day of School2023-09-06T15:45:44-05:00

February 28- March 2


Learning all about the dynamic letter Dd! Tuesday was Dental day! We had some fun centers that’s included writing letters on teeth and erasing with toothbrushes, using pipe cleaners, blocks and playdoh to practice flossing

February 28- March 22023-03-06T13:12:01-06:00

Week of Feb. 21st – Feb. 23rd


This week we focused on the letter Hh. We talked about the sound the letter Hh makes and words that start with the letter Hh. We came up with heart, horse, house, hippo, hand, hat,

Week of Feb. 21st – Feb. 23rd2023-02-24T15:32:24-06:00

February 14 – February 16


Oh what fun we had for letter Vv week! Tuesday we celebrated Valentine’s Day by using that as our theme for centers. We had valentines addition and tens frames for our math, valentines beginning letter

February 14 – February 162023-02-19T10:24:15-06:00

Week of January 30th


Mrs. Kelli's Preschool Classroom   This week, we wrapped up the month of January, & welcomed February,  focusing on the star shape & the #6   Books we read: How to Catch A Star I

Week of January 30th2023-02-03T13:24:11-06:00

January 24-26


This was letter Ii week, And we had so much fun.   Tuesday was Ii for igloo. The class got to count and build their own igloos using reusable ice cubes, made a polar bear

January 24-262023-01-31T12:04:47-06:00
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