January 18- January 20


This week we celebrated the letter Ii! Tuesday we had an igloo day. We counted ice cubes and recreated our own igloos using the same number of cubes. We wrote out letter Ii and even

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January 17-20


Hello! We had another fun filled week of learning! On Monday/Tuesday we focused on the colors Black and White. So many students wore black and white to school- it was awesome! We made a snow

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Week of Jan. 18th-Jan. 20th


This week we focused on the letter Ii. We talked about the sound the Ii makes and how igloos, ice cubes, ice skating and ice cream all begin with the letter Ii.  On Tuesday, we

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Week of January 17th- 20th


Welcome to Mrs. Nichole’s Pre-K Classroom Page! Numbers and Letters: S,I,X,W 13 and 14 Colors this Week: Black and White Shape of the Week: Star Mon: Words with X Today we counted orally and counted

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Week of January 17th


Mrs. Kelli's Preschool Classroom   This week, we focused on the colors black & white & the letter Ss   Books we read: The Magical Snowman The Penguin Who Wanted to Fly   Centers: We

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Week of Jan 18-20


Hi Parents, We had a great week talking about the letter 'Ii!' Here's a snap shot... On Tuesday our theme was Igloos and Ice cubes. I was out because my daughter was sick so Mrs.

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Week of January 17th – 20th


YAY! We were back in person this week! I hope it stays that way the rest of the year, but we can't control the shenanigans happening in the world around us! If we would ever

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January 11- January 13


Our letter of the week was Ss ! We had so many fun days planned for the letter Ss. Tuesday was Sneezy snowman day! We read the book which the kids loved and had our

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Week of January 10th – 14th


This week we were virtual and had Google Classroom. I have attached the link if you would like to review any items or check them out again. https://classroom.google.com/c/NDUxNjUyNTQ2MDE2?cjc=p2qqtl3 Please reach out if you have any

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Week of Jan 11-13


Hi Parents, We had a fun week with the letter 'Ss!' Here's a snap shot... On Tuesday our theme was snowmen. In centers the kids counted buttons onto a snowman, they cut and glued shapes

Week of Jan 11-132022-01-15T10:39:08-06:00
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