May 24-27


Happy Last Day of School!! Such a bittersweet day- Everyone is ready for lazy summer days, but it’s so hard to say Good Bye to the best kids that I’ve spent so much time with!

May 24-272021-05-28T13:29:45-05:00

May 16-19


We are winding down!! So happy we got through the school year! We kept up with review this week! Mon/Tue we worked on I, S, and W. We completed our final name sample and read

May 16-192021-05-20T09:03:24-05:00

May 10-13


We started our review month this week. I can’t believe we are this close to the end. As much as I’m looking forward to lazy summer days, I’m really going to miss your kids!! They

May 10-132021-05-20T09:02:40-05:00

May 3-6


Let the Review weeks begin! During the month of May we will be reviewing all of our letters and numbers 1-10 that we learned throughout the year! On Mon/Tuesday we focused on M. We read

May 3-62021-05-09T15:14:38-05:00

April 26-29


We made it to May! What a year it has been! The weather didn’t quite cooperate for our Earth Day activities but the kids still had fun and learned the importance of recycling! Mon/Tuesday we

April 26-292021-04-30T17:39:15-05:00

April 19- 22


Hello, Well a strange snow storm changed our plans, but we are good at being flexible!! Mon- Tuesday we worked on the letter Q and learned many words that start with the letter Q! We

April 19- 222021-04-30T17:34:49-05:00

Week of April 12-15


Hello! I feel like these weeks are going faster and faster! We are almost into May! This week we focused on the letters K and Y! Monday/Tuesday we flew kites made of grocery bags and

Week of April 12-152021-04-16T15:17:55-05:00

Week of April 5-8


Hello! Spring is here! It was so nice to get the kids outside a few times this week!! Monday and Tuesday we celebrated Easter in the classroom! We read The Easter Story and had an

Week of April 5-82021-04-14T12:22:05-05:00

March 29- April 1


Hello! Welcome back! I hope you had a restful Spring Break and it was easy getting back into the groove of things! This week was all about diamonds and octagons! On Mon/Tuesday we focused on

March 29- April 12021-04-03T00:03:36-05:00

Week of March 15-18


Hello! This week went so fast! We worked on The Letter U and numbers 7&8! On Monday/Tuesday we focused on the Letter U! We did a Science project blowing Up a balloon with vinegar and

Week of March 15-182021-03-20T08:11:57-05:00
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