February 26th to 29th


D is for Dentist, D is for Dinosaur This week we focused on the letter D, number recognition and letter recognition, counting and the color purple. We read two Harold and the Purple Crayon books. 

February 26th to 29th2024-02-29T16:32:17-06:00

February 19th to 22nd


H is for Heart  H is for Hibernate H is for House On Monday, we started the week with H is for Heart.  The kids did some sink or float experiments using candy hearts, soda,

February 19th to 22nd2024-02-23T19:09:11-06:00

February 12th to 15th


Monday: The class started the week with a fun Valentine's Day Party.  The kids passed out their cards and enjoyed a fun filled morning Tuesday: We focused on the letter "V" by writing V's, Listing

February 12th to 15th2024-02-15T17:53:43-06:00

February 5 to 8


The letter this weeks was "L" for LOVE, LION and LADYBUG! On Monday, we kicked off the week by writing a letter to future ABC students about why we Love ABC. The class also practiced

February 5 to 82024-02-09T18:46:11-06:00

January29 to February 1


Monday started out with the class showing-off their socks.  Some were crazy and some were plain but everyone had on warm socks.  We then read the story The Hat; a little hedgehog got a sock

January29 to February 12024-02-01T17:31:47-06:00

January 22 to 25


It was very nice meeting with parents today.  I am lucky to have such a wonderful group of students this year! The letter this week was "I".  I for ice storm so once again we

January 22 to 252024-01-26T17:47:50-06:00

January 15 – 18


It was a short week due to the snow days but we still managed to get a lot done. Wednesday was black ad white day.  We learned about Penguins; we primarily focused on the emperor

January 15 – 182024-01-19T13:18:54-06:00

January 8th to 11th


After a long Christmas break the kids were ready to get back to school! The letter of the week was "S".  Our focus this week was SNOW! We started the week by bringing a glass

January 8th to 11th2024-01-11T19:25:00-06:00

December 18 to 21


The children had a fun and busy week before Christmas break. Monday:  We started the week by reading the story the Gingerbread Baby.  The story is a fun twist on the original Gingerbread boy story. 

December 18 to 212023-12-22T08:00:45-06:00

December 11th to December 15th


"J"is for Jesus.  This week all the stories we read focused on the birth of Jesus.  We talked about how much fun it is to bake cookies, decorate trees and give gifts but this is

December 11th to December 15th2023-12-14T17:34:50-06:00
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