Week of March, 20th – 23rd


This week we had some Ee fun and also enjoyed our Grandparents Day program on Wednesday! The kids all performed well and the pictures that were taken will be sent home after we return from

Week of March, 20th – 23rd2023-03-23T15:25:53-05:00

Week of March 13th – 16th


These week we made some fun crafts and worked on the letter Gg! Monday-Wear Gray & Gorilla day: Students came in and began prepping their pieces for constructing their Gordo the Gorilla for zoophonics. Students

Week of March 13th – 16th2023-03-16T15:42:14-05:00

Week of March 6th – 9th


We had some fun day with the letter Uu this week. There were lots of laughs and giggles with some stories we read! Monday: Underwater Adventures – Students came in and had their address and

Week of March 6th – 9th2023-03-09T15:27:23-06:00

Week of Feb. 27th – March 2nd


The letter we covered this week was Hh and we had lots of fun doing our centers and different activities each day! We got some crafts started and others got sent home. Monday – Candy

Week of Feb. 27th – March 2nd2023-03-02T15:59:33-06:00

Week of Feb. 20th-23rd


This week we had some fun with the letter Dd and all the centers, activities, and crafts we did! Monday – Dental Health Day: Kids arrived and found their pouches with the first and last

Week of Feb. 20th-23rd2023-02-23T15:41:05-06:00

Week of Feb. 13th – 16th


This week was filled with lots of fun things and the week started off with the kids Valentine Parties, which they had a great time! Thank you for all the donations and parent/grandparent helpers! We

Week of Feb. 13th – 16th2023-02-16T16:14:01-06:00

Week of Feb. 6th – 9th


This week we covered the letter Ll and had some fun making some crafts and learning at our centers. Monday – Letters to New Students: Today students started their day with an Ll letter page

Week of Feb. 6th – 9th2023-02-09T15:41:15-06:00

Week of Jan. 30th – Feb. 2nd


This week we had 2 fun days for kids to dress in black and white and have wacky hair on Thursday! We had lots of participation on the wearing black and white clothes and from

Week of Jan. 30th – Feb. 2nd2023-02-02T15:32:56-06:00

Week of Jan. 23rd – 26th


This week we covered Xx and had some fun themes planned. This is our 14th letter we have covered and we will be discussing students progress at parent teacher conferences. Monday – Words with Xx

Week of Jan. 23rd – 26th2023-01-26T15:56:17-06:00

Week of Jan. 16th – 19th


This week we had a lot going on and covered the letter Ii. Parent teacher conferences are coming up and we started getting our middle of the year evaluations. There are numerous things that we

Week of Jan. 16th – 19th2023-01-19T20:47:25-06:00
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