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Week of Feb. 19th – 22nd


We had lots of fun doing some Hh activities this week! A touch of some nice weather does not hurt also! I hope it continues so the kids can get outside for big room time!

Week of Feb. 19th – 22nd2024-02-22T16:02:31-06:00

Week of Feb. 12th – 15th


We had a great week with a party to start it off! Mid-February has come and gone, and we are cruising right along! We covered letter Vv this week. Monday: Valentine Party Day! Thank you

Week of Feb. 12th – 15th2024-02-15T16:03:19-06:00

Week of Feb. 5th – 8th


We had a great first full week of February and I hope that the Groundhog was true, and that spring will be coming soon! Here is our snapshot of the week: Monday: Letters to New

Week of Feb. 5th – 8th2024-02-07T15:28:08-06:00

Week of Jan. 29th – Feb. 1st


This week we covered the letter Xx and had our last week of numbers 13 and 14. We also finished reviewing the star shape. Next week we will dive into a new letter and have

Week of Jan. 29th – Feb. 1st2024-02-02T13:57:37-06:00

Week of Jan. 22nd – 25th


This week we covered the letter Ii and had some fun with it! I think Thursday was the kid’s favorite! Monday: Interesting Insects – Students came into class and found their QKs and began working

Week of Jan. 22nd – 25th2024-01-25T15:17:24-06:00

Week of Jan. 15th – 18th


We had a different week having two days as E-learning via Google Classroom and two days in person. In the case of bad weather, this is how we do things from here on out. If

Week of Jan. 15th – 18th2024-01-18T16:04:44-06:00

Week of Jan. 8th – 11th


Welcome back! I hope everyone had an enjoyable and restful Christmas break and made some new memories with family and friends! We got started this week getting right back into our routines and everyone is

Week of Jan. 8th – 11th2024-01-11T20:06:46-06:00

Week of Dec. 11th – 14th


This week FLEW by and next week I’m sure will be even faster! We finished up all our parents’ gifts and will pack them all up on Monday. The kids are looking forward to giving

Week of Dec. 11th – 14th2023-12-14T15:56:20-06:00

Week of Dec. 4th – 7th


This week went by fast and I’m sure the next two will fly by! We were busy working on some gifts for our parents and doing some fun letter Cc activities. Monday: C is for

Week of Dec. 4th – 7th2023-12-09T07:42:05-06:00

Week of Nov. 27th – 30th


We reviewed our November letters we covered this month during this last week of the month. We also really got to work on our Christmas crafts for you, parents, and the kids have been working

Week of Nov. 27th – 30th2023-11-30T17:15:10-06:00
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